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  • Name: America was founded Bitcoin special investigation team to assess
  • Time: 2014-08-12

Chairman of the Senate Homeland and Government Affairs Committee last November had been involved in the investigation of the safety of digital virtual currency (HSGAC) has recently established a new working group of the National Bank task to study the government should (digital virtual currency) to perform necessary regulatory.

This new emerging payment Task working group from the National Association of Bank Supervisors (CSBS), the supervisor by the state association members, dedicated to advancing the national banking system in the United States belong to the federal level of government agencies. The main purpose of the group is to study the potential impact of new payment methods and consumer technologies, including virtual currency Bitcoin and other protection, including issues arising.

HSGAC chairman, Sen. Tom & middot; Carper (D-DEL) yesterday issued a press release earlier approved the move, he said he wanted to ensure that the government adequately protect consumers, in the case law does not hinder the innovative problem solving.

“State Bank Supervisors meetings are concerned about this evolving technology, and find ways to better coordinate supervision to protect consumers and the local community. This makes me very encouraging.”

Although there is still a lot of work to do, but this is an important step. I encourage federal agencies, including banks, state government agencies and other local institutions, to promote cooperation between them, so that consumers and businesses can clearly understand the rules, and to serve them well.

Digital currency stakeholders

Task Working Group in conjunction with virtual currency and payment of a wide range of stakeholders in the field to talk to, including state and federal regulatory agencies, industry and other experts. It also believes that there must be adequate supervision to protect the participants, rather than simply the cost of progress.

State regulatory agencies willing to carry out a new payment system for the discussion focused on the benefits and risks of dialogue, the National Bank of Supervisors meeting (CSBS) chairman and commissioner of financial institutions, Kentucky, Charles A. Vice said. We seek to create a suitable environment for the development of technological innovation, but also to clear the way for control.

Members of the working group from nine states, including Benjamin Lawsky from the Monetary Authority of New York, Lawsky been responsible for the state of digital currency hearings also created a special license for the supervision of Bitcoin bit of commercial transactions.

State Bank Supervisors meeting to introduce myself on the official website:

Members of our regulatory agencies to make us different from other organizations in Washington. Our advantage is that we can make all of the banking sector to collaborate, to provide a unified voice for Washington. Through CSBS, state bank regulatory agencies will continue to come out on top, providing a more efficient and effective and competitive regulatory.

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